Computational Neuroscience research group

Our Aims

Welcome to the website of the computational neuroscience group at the Dept. of Cybernetics at the FEE CTU in Prague. We focus on studying the physiology and pathophysiology of the human brain, mostly those of patients suffering from Parkinson disease (PD) or dystonia, and treated with the deep brain stimulation (DBS). By analyzing and modeling single neuron recordings and fMRI data, our aim is to better understand how the brain and DBS work. We also develop methods of data processing, transformation, and analysis.

We strongly cooperate with Department of Neurology, 1st Faculty of Medicne and General Teaching Hospital, namely with prof.Jech and his group.

Research topics

More on our research can be found at the research page.

See also softwatre we developed.

Currently we focus on the following topics:

Team members

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CompNeuro mailing list

We also manage a mailing list oriented on the local computational neuroscience community, see the compNeuro list info page and the sign-up/admin page. Sign-up is open to all interested researchers.

Contact us

Daniel Novák

group head
Tel +420 224 357 314,